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Starry Night
"Inspiring people to get outdoors by embracing the power of technology. "

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sustainable and eco friendly

At roamad, we're aware of climate change. Two contributing factors are deforestation and CO₂ emissions largely produced by vehicles. That's why we've pledged to donate one tree per year for every 'Premium' member using roamad.

Our business has a low carbon footprint because our team works remotely. Furthermore, some employees power their

devices using solar.

Campervan Park
features and benefits
  1. Discounted campsite bookings.

  2. Convenient way to find campsites, pub stops, aires and more based on location and price.

  3. Community map.

  4. Members lounge.

features & Benefits

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  • Access to thousands of locations added by the community.

  • Create favourites lists.

  • Collect tokens to receive exclusive offers for your POI contributions.

  • Access to our Members Lounge.


  • No booking fees.

  • Lower campsite prices.

  • Full access to the community map.

  • Exclusive discounts and promotions in the Members Lounge.

  • We'll plant one tree yearly for every premium user.

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