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Community developed map

Our goal is to build the most comprehensive and informative database of points of interest for campervan or motorhome owners and enthusiasts.

Working as a community, users are able to add parking locations, public facilities, services and activities to the map.

Connect with others

The forum is a one page feed. It's a great place to keep updated with what's going on in the community and to share your experience.


Custom favourite lists

Easily add your favourite POIs to custom lists and quickly access them from the menu bar.

Get rewarded

We believe that users should be rewarded for their contribution.

Collect points by listing POIs and leaving reviews. You'll soon be able to redeem points on purchases.

Furthermore, users are able to compete for the top spot on our global leaderboard.

*Points not currently redeemable. Only redeemable for 'Premium' members.


Tailor the map

Enter the type of vehicle you own so that it only displays POIs which are ideal for your type of vehicle.

*'Premium' members only. Information provided is for entertainment purposes. POIs added by other users may contain inaccurate information.

Price plans

Don't miss out

Join our mailing list to receive exclusive offers and stay up to date with the community.

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